Letter to My Soldiers..

In honor of National brothers day, also the oncoming Memorial day this weekend, and also because I have been finding myself overwhelmed recently with sentimentality, I thought that it would be fitting to write about my brothers, one a US Army Veteran, and one currently serving in the US Army..


I grew up with boys.. I have nine siblings, but the ones that I spent the most time with were my brothers. Endless days were spent playing pretend with my little brother Jed, my best friend. All through my life I have looked up to and idolized my big brother Danny. I turned out to be a tomboy as a result, and had an amazing time. I still can be VERY girly,  I did have sisters as well after all.. but for most of my adolescence and my teen years I was pretty rough and tumble. I could tackle, wrestle, and fight like the best of them (that’s how Dillon and I fell in puppy love at ten.. I tackled him) 🙂

My older brother Danny was (is) my hero. He joined the army when I was very small, and I remember traveling to meet his plane when he came home from deployment, touring his base and visiting him.. I remember when he would come visit us in Washington and he would sing EVERY night to us while he played the guitar. He was so big and strong, so brave.. He was our protector and our very own GI Joe.. keeping America safe, keeping us safe. Now that he is no longer in the army, and we are all grown up.. he is still our hero. Now it is fishing trips and stories, and the best barbecue in THE WORLD! And so…..


Dear Danny,

I want to thank you so much for being the best big brother I could have ever wanted. You will always be my hero. You are the bravest man I know, and I am SO proud of you for everything you have done for me, for our family, and for our country. You made me love music, you convinced me to practice and play even when I stubbornly refused. You taught me to love to fish, and to treasure the redneck side of me because it makes me so happy. Thank you for fishing trips, nights by the lakeside listening to country music. Thank you for standing in the rain with me to see Kane Brown.. Thank you for playing “Alyssa Lies” every night to me on request.. Thank you for fun Walmart trips and for Las Palapas.. Thank you for teaching me how to cook and letting me be your sous chef.. Thank you for all of the amazing foods you have introduced us to. You are the most generous, and selfless person..You always made me feel safe and protected. I love you so much, and I am so proud of you.




My little brother Jed is two years younger than me, close enough in age that we were best friends all growing up and we remain so to this day. He survived all of my harebrained ideas and shenanigans.. He stuck with me loyally through every ridiculous stunt I pulled and every scheme I enacted. He shared a wonderful childhood full of imagination and magic with me and created memories and experiences that shaped who we are. Now he is all grown up.. Now he is part of the US Army, and I am a little shocked at how much I miss him.





Dear Jed,

Thank you.. Thank you for playing with me and always being willing to go on little adventures. Thank you for being a cowboy with me, for exploring and creating all of our little forts. Thank you for building tree houses with me, and spending HOURS listening to me sing and ramble while patiently waiting for the swing that you knew you would never get a turn on. Thank you for forgiving all of the times I accidentally hanged you during flying attempts… Thank you for always being there for me. No matter how many friends I went through, you were the constant. My best friend always. You always had my back. Thank you for letting me spend an entire summer camped on the floor of your room because I was afraid of the dark. Thank you for letting me think I was better at the piano, though we both knew it wasn’t true. You are such an AMAZING part of my life, and I miss you so much. You have such a loyal, giving spirit. I am so proud of who you have become. You aren’t my ‘little’ brother anymore.. You are my big, strong, soldier.

I love you SO much,




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