Thank you to my home..

My home is my very favorite space. This place that Dillon and I have worked together to create. This haven for the two of us.. And it may seem a little bit silly, but recently in a moment when I was so thankful for my tiny little apartment, I decided that I would like to say thank you to the things that make this place HOME..

To the big, green, velvet sofa.. for all of the cuddles and the snuggles, and the ‘hold- me -tightly’s.. For all of the wonderful conversations had here, and for the friends that have graced these cushions, for the many New Girl episodes you saw us through.. I thank you.


To the little nook where my darling sits.. This blue velvet sanctuary for music and good pipe tobacco just like Mr. Tolkien and Mr. Lewis. For old paperback westerns, and the quiet strumming of a guitar when he is lost in thought, I thank you. IMG_4065

To the music on that smooth vinyl with the little pops and crackles.. for CCR and Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Buffet.. for the records that spin the night away as we dance and dance and dance. Thank you to the music.

To the bookcase wherein all these adventures are housed.. to the Tolkien, Lewis, L’amour, and Rowling.. to the wands that perch on the shelves beside the “Fantastic Beasts” as a reminder of a time when we pretended to be magic. Thank you thank you..

To this most divine creation.. the cast iron claw foot! To the Lush bath bombs and the bubbles I say ‘thank you oh so much!’IMG_4072

To the coasters that make me feel so grown up.. to the dear friend who supplied them.. to the endless amounts of coffee that it holds.. thank you!


To my very favorite mug of all time.. for all the mornings you have seen me through.. for the conversations that you were privy to.. for the morning coffee with my love.. I say ‘thank you!’IMG_4071

To this little nook where he sits every morning.. sleepy eyes and mussed hair.. smiling that smile at me and making my day the brightest it could possibly be. To the breakfasts and dinners.. the tasty treats and the long talks.. thank you!IMG_4073


To the product of my labors.. my little window garden.. my plant babies and my little bit of greenery for the city apartment. Thank you!IMG_4096

To this, the seed of hope.. the promise of a lasting strength and the memory of an adventure past. IMG_4097

To this wall of memories.. this string of snapshots, moments that I never want to forget. People I hold dear and the family I love. My life with him.. Thank you!IMG_4094

To my sanctuary.. my corner of colors and the housing of all my dreams. To the brushes and paints and palettes.. to the canvas.. Thank you!IMG_4088

To my view of the world, to the little people in the street and the cars that go by.. this glimpse into the heart of the city.. Thank youIMG_4086

To the collections of recipes and tales that bring vibrancy and oh-so-delicious creations to our table.. to this dog. This absolutely adorable dog.. Thank you.IMG_4084

This is my little home. This is my little life with him, my piece of heaven and happiness.. these little trinkets are what make our day to day life so special.. For that I think that they deserve a “Thank you”

What little treasures around your home do you appreciate?


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