Donnell Pond Camping Trip


Donnell Pond is a gorgeous spot of reserved public land, under the shadow of Schoodic Mt. and surrounded by many lovely hiking trails.

There is a large, sand beach lined with campsites that offer waterfront views from your tent.

Campsites are equipped with a fire pit and grate, as well as a picnic table.

The lake is full of:

Landlocked salmon, Common shiner,Lake trout (togue), Fallfish (chub), Brook trout,White sucker, Rainbow smelt, Banded killifish, Smallmouth bass, Threespine stickleback, White perch, Redbeast sunfish, Yellow perch, Pumpkinseed sunfish, Chain pickerel, American eel, Minnows, Alewife, and Golden shiner

(although despite my efforts I was unable to catch any)

We canoed in, parking the car at the public boat landing.

Packing List:

  • french press
  • coffee
  • silverware
  • cast iron skillet
  • saucepan
  • plastic fold-able bowls
  • cups
  • beans
  • bread
  • hamburgers
  • string cheese
  • eggs
  • can of corned beef hash
  • water
  • lighters
  • matches
  • bug spray
  • bug nets
  • knife
  • fishing pole
  • fishing tackle box
  • pajamas
  • socks and extra socks
  • return day outfit
  • hoodie and sweater
  • boots
  • hiking outfit for first day
  • tent
  • tent poles
  • sleeping bags
  • sleeping bag liners
  • inflatable air mattresses
  • water proof storage bags
  • tinfoil
  • hammocks
  • cooler
  • canoe and paddles
  • life jackets
  • Louis L’amour paperbacks
  • pipe and tobacco

(I may have forgotten a few items, but this is the general idea)


We ended up with more blisters from whittling than from paddling the canoe!

The campsite was lovely and secluded with a beautiful view of the lake!

The weather was on the cold side, and may have been very different from Jamaica, but it offered an awesome chance for a honeymoon 2.0. We had so much fun exploring, setting up camp, reading, fishing, hiking, and relaxing in the hammocks!


I love cooking over an open fire, and nothing tastes better than food made while you are camping. The skillet has come in SO handy, and did not disappoint on this trip. Burgers, beans, and corned beef hash with eggs over the fire were absolutely delicious!

Of course we brought the Green Mountain.. And French Press Coffee on a cold, misty morning may be the best thing to ever happen to us!


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