An Excerpt of Something Greater

Now I suppose another thing that is very important to our story, is the fact that Zeb had a very active and healthy imagination for a boy his age. His imagination led him to believe all sorts of things, and he had the most marvelous adventures. He would imagine that he was a pirate, or a paleontologist. He would create a costume for himself, and then with his tools (scissors and paste) he would explore the house to find bones (which he would cut from pieces of paper), match them together using his encyclopedia and his various books on dinosaurs, and he would put together the skeleton of the dinosaur using paste.

This was how Zeb was spending his Saturday morning. Grampy was off on the boat, and he was at home. He finished his breakfast, and put the dishes in the sink, then he set about his important work. He imagined that he was a very important scientist, working very hard under the hot sun. He put on a large straw hat and his big boots. The living room became a vast desert and he could practically feel the scorching wind, blowing hot sand across the floor. He worked tirelessly putting the skeleton together, and when it was done, the skeleton was six feet long. The project took all morning.

He stood back to admire his work, and he smiled with contentment. The skeleton looked real! He turned to his assistant Brinkley, the caramel colored teddy bear that was his other best friend. Brinkley was an astute, and philosophical sort of bear, who had been with Zeb since his infancy. “I think it looks marvelous” he said, hands in the pockets of his tweed jacket. “The bones are in perfect position.” Brinkley hopped down off from the armchair where he was perched, and walked around the skeleton, studying it.

Ivy burst in through the door and Zeb heaved a tremendous sigh “Hey!” she piped as she tugged off her boots. “Gram said I could come and visit for a while. Watcha doin?” Zeb pointed to the floor at the skeleton “Brinkley and I are in the middle of a very important excavation. This is a complete skeleton we have discovered and assembled! The only one of its kind!” Ivy nodded hello to Brinkley and circled the skeleton. “What kind is it?” she scrunched her nose “Is it dangerous?” Zeb poked the paper skull “I don’t imagine it would be in this state. It is a velociraptor.” He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “I imagine he would be rather fun actually.”


(This is a small tidbit from the children’s book that I am currently working on.)

This is my own work. Please do not reproduce, distribute, or appropriate.



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