To tell a bit about us:

I am a writer of fantastical fiction and fantasy, and I write mostly children’s literature, which I am happy to share with you here! 

I consider myself a dancer (in my kitchen) and we are crazy about swing dance! 

I am a chef of sorts, and quite passionate about pastries. Dillon is quite passionate about eating said pastries 😊

We are musically inclined, and the proud owners of a huge assortment of wonderful instruments which we delight in playing together, and in writing music together.

I am happily in love with the most wonderful man, he is happily in love with me! 😊 Aren’t I just the luckiest!

We are proud fur parents to the most darling doodle dog in the world.

Photography credit goes to Dillon, as does credit for supporting me and helping me stay sane in this crazy world.

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